Top Notch Virtual Reality Browsers

Intervista’s World View is a handsome browser with excellent navigation tools – a genuine and very fast virtual reality 2.0-compliant browser. Above mentioned browser does not display the lights and texture maps of the your 3D Program model very well, however, having obviously sacrificed some display quality to speed.

Even though the sample is in black and white, you should be able to see the pixelation of the textures and the absence of shadows. World View is recommended as a primary browser only if navigation speed is much more important to you than appearance. World View automatically installs itself over Live3D in Firefox without stopping to inform you that it has renamed the Live3D DLL.

It has an uninstall program in case you want to get Live3D or another browser back again. Community Place, from Sony Community Place, a browser from Sony, is promising but has some peculiarities. In particular, the navigation tools are difficult to use and do not seem to do what you expect (not easily zooming directly forward in the viewport, for example).

This browser supports Gravity, a feature also found in the Cosmo player. With collision detection on, it provides a suitably unpleasant thudding sound effect when you walk into something. As for the display of lights and textures, Community Place generally is somewhat better than Intervista’s browser, and Community Place loads and navigates a file almost as quickly as the Intervista browser.

Cosmo Player 2.0, from Silicon Graphics: The virtual reality exporter was originally developed and tested with this browser in mind. Its capability to display your 3D Program lights and textures is much better than that of the other browsers reviewed here. The drawbacks to this application are its speed-it can be extremely slow.

You can navigate either by manipulating the navigation control in the dashboard or by moving the mouse in the view port itself. Lastly, the display quality is also much more faithful to the original. This amazing program automatically installs itself over Live3D in Firefox.

Firefox produces a virtual reality browsing plug-in for Web browsers called Live3D. It is a very attractive, very fast browser with good light and texture display capabilities. This is really the browser to use for general-purpose Web surfing, although you might want to try Cosmo to see whether you prefer it.

You can give Live3D a test drive as well as seeing what is possible by visiting the Firefox Web site and searching the keywords “Cool Worlds.” What makes a great virtual reality world, given the limitations of today technology? This section points you to some of today best virtual reality Web sites and discusses some general characteristics of these top-flight virtual reality implementations.

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